8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (2023)

Are you fed up with dirt, grime, and other build-ups in your acrylic tub? We know the feeling all too well. Tubs may seem intimidating to clean by yourself, owing to the size and partially to the heavy price tag attached to these bathroom fittings.

Luckily, there are several cleaners to help you do the task. We have put together a complete guide about the A to Z of tub cleaners to help you find the best cleaner for the acrylic tub. You will also find directions on maintaining your tub and picking the correct products.

Best 8 Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022:

Before moving on, let us take a look at the eight products that we think are the top acrylic tub cleaners. All of these products were chosen, keeping safety and sustainability in mind.

1. Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (1)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (2)

The very first product on our list is an all-natural bathtub cleaner. We know what you must be thinking – not another natural cleaning product with zero results! However, we recommend you read through the review to see why it has earned itself a place in our list of the best acrylic bathtub cleaners!

Firstly this cleaner is made entirely of natural, plant-derived ingredients. This includes coconut, corn, and citrus. Moreover, it is completely alcohol-free and naturally scented. Dyes, chlorine, bleach, and petroleum solvents are all missing from the list of ingredients.

As a result, the product is friendly not only to the earth but to you, your children, and your pets too. This is not your typical bathtub cleaner, the fumes of which can be very harmful to children and even adults with respiratory issues. Overall, this is one of the healthiest choices you can make!

As for the results, the cleaner removes caulk, grout dirt (without discoloring grout), rust, hard water stains, and soap scum, to name some of the troubles. And it does so without any fume or artificial scent. We highly recommend that you give this amazing product a chance!

Special Features

  • Non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients
  • Natural scent
  • Alcohol-free
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Removed caulk and grout

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2. Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (3)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (4)

This product is so good that you may just get disgusted by the goop that comes out of your seemingly clean tub. The product is designed for jetted tubs, i.e., bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and Whirlpools. It is also suitable for use on acrylic tubs, so you need not worry about the product ruining the material.

All you have to do is fill your tub with hot water and 4 oz. of this product mixed in. Then, leave the tub with the jets on for 15 minutes, after which you can simply drain the tub and wipe it dry.

However, the cleaner is so strong that it will loosen an incredible amount of dirt from the jets, thus resulting in dirt shooting out of the jets for the next few uses.

Though this may seem like a huge disadvantage, it ensures that your tub stays clean both inside and out. What we recommend is to run the jets with plain hot water a couple more times to ensure all the loosened dirt comes out before you use the tub again. It’s a simple fix for the best results!

For those who want to use environmentally friendly products, you will be happy to know that the product has sustainability certifications. All in all, this is a wonderful, time-efficient, and effective product. It is perhaps a one-stop solution for users of jetted tubs!

Special Features

  • Formulated specifically for jetted tubs
  • Removes all sorts of build-ups
  • Four deep cleans per 16 oz. bottle
  • Low effort, great results
  • Takes only 15 minutes
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3. Scrub Free 33200-00105 Bathroom Cleaner with Oxi Clean

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (5)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (6)

Moving on, the third product we have for you is slightly different from the first two. This cleaner is meant to be used all over the bathroom for daily cleaning. It does not do a great job of built-up mold removal or caulk removal, but if you are a fan of daily up-keep, this product will be your best friend.

The cleaner is safe to use on porcelain, chrome, ceramic tile, glass, plastic as well as fiberglass and acrylic sinks and tubs – that covers just about every type of surface material you may come across in a bathroom. It is an abrasion-free formula that will not dull or scratch your acrylic tubs.

This three in one formula will cleanse, shine, and deodorize every corner of your bathroom. Furthermore, it will do so with minimal effort. As the name implies, this one boasts a totally no-scrub formula, meaning there is only minimal elbow grease required from you to get amazing results.

Additionally, the product does an amazing job of removing soap scum and hard water stains. You would be hard-pressed to find an easier to use, all-rounder product for daily bathroom cleaning. We hope you love this product just as much as we do!

Special Features

  • Removes hard water stain
  • Eliminates soap scum
  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Can be used all around the bathroom
  • No scrubbing required

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4. Rolite Plastic & Acrylic Cleaner

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (7)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (8)

Further down our list, we have a product that is slightly different from the ones so far. This product was primarily developed for bike windshields, headlights, and other automobile parts that are made of acrylic. However, the cleaner also delivers impeccable results with other acrylic items – including bathtubs!

The cleaner is designed to remove dust, dirt, water stains, debris, and all other types of dirt that typically hinder a biker’s view – and it can do just the same for your acrylic tub. Without ruining the finish, this cleaner removes dirt and grime that typical cleaners would likely miss.

Additionally, this is a totally non-toxic product. If automobile cleaner automatically makes you think this will be a stinky, toxic product full of fumes, you can bid your suspicions farewell. Made of totally toxin-free products, the cleaner is odor-free, alcohol-free, and eco-friendly, making it great for residential use.

This cleaner can almost be considered an all-purpose cleaner for households given it’s compatible with plastic, acrylic, Plexiglas, aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, Lexan, and Mylar – and that is not even the complete list of surfaces you can use this product with!

Special Features

  • Very versatile and multipurpose
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Alcohol-free
  • Odor-free
  • Eco-friendly

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5. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (9)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (10)

Here, we have a commercial strength bathtub cleaner that is easy to use and safe for households. In addition to acrylic tubs, the cleaner can be used on glazed porcelain toilets and sinks, shower doors, chrome wheel rims, outdoor furniture (to remove dirt like bird droppings), and stainless steel.

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To make things better, this high strength cleaner does not require any scrubbing and scraping. All you have to do is spray it on, wait for the grime and dirt to loosen, and then wipe it off. The time-efficient nature of the product makes this a hot favorite among professional cleaners.

Despite being worthy of commercial use, the cleaner does not have any harsh chemicals, bleach, or acids. Hence, you do not have to be scared of suffocating fume or smells. Even without these hardcore ingredients, the cleaner cuts through soap scum, grime, stains, and product build-up like no other.

With a pleasant smell and great effectiveness, this product will definitely become a repeat purchase in any household. Additionally, being a septic system safe formula makes it suitable for use in houses and apartments all the same.

Special Features

  • All-purpose commercial strength bathroom cleaner
  • No scrubbing needed
  • Works with several types of materials
  • No bleach, acid, or harsh chemicals
  • Pleasant smell

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6. Seventh Generation Professional Tub & Tile Cleaner

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (11)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (12)

Keeping up with the trend of plant-derived products, we have yet another eco-friendly bathroom cleaner to recommend to you. This cleaning product is 91% biobased. The scent is formulated entirely from botanical ingredients and essential oils, ensuring it does not lead to discomfort.

This is also a fully biodegradable option. Furthermore, the ingredient list does not include any synthetic scent, chlorine bleach, or dye. As a result, you have a product that is completely safe for household use. There are no fumes that may harm you, your children, or your pets.

Speaking of pets, who does not love a product that does not harm our furry friends? This cleaner does not use any animal-derived product, and neither does it is tested on animals. For those who wish to stick to such options, this is an amazing choice.

Soap scum, grime build-up, hard water stains, and all other types of dirt can be removed effortlessly from fiberglass, stainless steel, and porcelain in addition to acrylic tubs. You no longer have to compromise on cleanliness and results in your efforts to be environmentally conscious!

Special Features

  • 91% biobased
  • No synthetic scent, chlorine, or dye
  • Not tested on animals
  • Septic safe
  • Biodegradable

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7. EcoOne Hot Tub & Spa Shell Cleaner

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (13)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (14)

This acrylic tub cleaner on our list is also a very effective pool maintenance product. It is a simple cleaner made of all-natural ingredients that can act as the solution to all your spa, hot tub, and pool cleaning needs. All you have to do is spray the product on, leave it to work its magic for a couple of minutes, and wipe it off.

The product works better as a regular maintenance product as opposed to a strong cleaning agent used in intervals. With regular use, the cleaner can keep your acrylic tub clean, glossy, and deodorized constantly. Additionally, it can also prevent grime or other organic build-ups.

Additionally, the product helps break down dirt, scale, oil, soap scum, and other types of dirt with every use. Not only does the cleaner help break down solid dirt, but it also keeps your tub and pool clean at a microbial level.

What’s even better is that it does so without any petrochemicals, chlorine, phosphates, and other harsh ingredients. Being free of such ingredients makes this product safe for children and those with sensitive skin.

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After all, everyone deserves to be able to use their bathroom, spa, or pool without worrying about their health!

Special Features

  • Non-abrasive
  • Foam free
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Prevents organic build-ups
  • Increases longevity of tubs and pools

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8. ForceField ScumBlaster Tub and Tile Cleaner Industrial Strength Ready to Use

8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (15)8 Best Acrylic Tub Cleaners in 2022 (16)

To wrap up our list of recommendations, we are introducing to you yet another industrial-strength cleaner. The strength of this product can be compared to muriatic acid. However, this product does not include any acid or bleach, which makes it safe for daily household use.

This unique formula is non-corrosive and safely cleans soap scum, hard water stain, mildew stain, limescale, and rust. You can use this as a daily maintenance product to prevent the build-up of dirt or bacteria. However, it also performs exceptionally well as a deep cleanser to get rid of built-up grime and bacteria.

You can easily remove grime from your grout with this industrial-strength product. For tinted or colored grime, you do not have to worry about discoloration. Formulated with specially designed organic salt, the product will leave every corner of your bathroom sparkling and squeaky clean.

Professional cleaners can also replace the acids and bleach in their kit with this amazing, cost-effective product. With people becoming more conscious about the products they use, this non-toxic, fume-free product is highly likely to become the favorite of many!

Special Features

  • Grout deep cleanse
  • No acids or bleach
  • Septic tank safe
  • Shines dull surfaces
  • Non-corrosive

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Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Acrylic Tub Cleaner:

Choosing the wrong product can do more harm than good. We have included a few pointers below to ensure that you make the best possible purchase!

Surface Compatibility

As mentioned before, check multiple times to ensure that the product you plan on purchasing is compatible with acrylic tubs. Yes, this material is simple to maintain; however, it is also very easy to stain it further and deteriorate the finishing prematurely.


Tub cleaners come in various different strengths, ranging from daily stain removal to industrial-strength intense grime and goop removal. Your choice will depend on personal preference as well as how often you clean your tub or bathroom.

If you clean regularly, low intensity but effective cleaners will suffice in keeping stains away and preventing build-up. On the other hand, if you are only able to squeeze in a couple of days of cleaning per month, you may want to venture towards the higher strength end of the spectrum.


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We always recommend getting cleaners with the best ingredients – non-toxic, artificial fragrance-free, dye-free, alcohol- and acid-free cleaners are our favorite. They offer impeccable results but without the potential health hazard. These cleaners are also better suited for families and homes, which we really appreciate.

Scent and Fume

Scents are nice to have in cleaning products, especially for the bathroom. However, scents can often come with the price of harmful fumes. These fumes can lead to breathing problems and respiratory conditions.

Thus, opt for naturally derived fragrances or deodorizers which get rid of pungent smell and maintain a neutral smell.

Scrub vs. No Scrub

You can also make your pick based on how much elbow grease you are willing to put in. Some products will require you to go to town with a brush or other tools to scrub and remove the stain, while others will do all the work for you.

Can You Use Bleach on an Acrylic Tub?

Most acrylic tub manufacturers strictly oppose the use of bleach. Ideally, warm soapy water and a washcloth should be enough to clean your acrylic tub regularly. This, in fact, is one of the biggest selling points of acrylic tubs – they are incredibly simple to clean.

Bleach can do substantial damage to the finish of your acrylic tub. It is also worth noting that several acrylic tub manufacturers will consider your warranty void if you have used abrasive cleaning agents in the past, which includes bleach.

Legally, they may no longer be required to give you the warranty. Thus, we recommend avoiding bleach.

How Do You Tell If a Bathtub is Fiberglass or Acrylic?

It is pretty difficult to distinguish between a fiberglass tub and an acrylic tub just by looking at them. You can, however, monitor their longevity and wear over time to come to a deduction.

Acrylic tubs tend to last longer than fiberglass. They also have a smoother finish and may even feel warm to the touch compared to other (fiberglass, metal enamel, etc.) tubs. If you have been offered various different colors of the tub during purchase, it is most likely acrylic as acrylic tubs can be made in different colors.

Fiberglass tubs tend to be thicker than acrylic tubs. They are also more likely to come in just white or some shades of white. These tubs are several pounds lighter than their acrylic counterpart.

How Do You Get Tough Stains Out of Acrylic Tub?

If you are not looking to use store-bought cleaners, our first advice would be to steer clear of bleach. Bleach can potentially ruin the finish of your acrylic tub and leave you with more unexpected stains than you started out with.

Baking soda can help remove light grime from the tub without hampering the quality of the finish. You can also use a washcloth to gently rub the baking soda in and loosen the grime. Be careful not to use a brush or abrasive tool. Next, just use a warm washcloth to wipe the residue off.

You may also be able to benefit from a vinegar soak. Fill your tub with hot water. Mix vinegar into the water and let it sit for fifteen minutes to half an hour. This should help the grime loosen up, start lifting stains, and cut through soap scum.

How Do You Clean an Acrylic Tub by Using Cleaner?

Store-bought cleaners, however, can make your job exponentially easier. Some products are easy to spray on, which need to be left idle for fifteen to twenty minutes for it to start lifting the dirt. Once it has had some time to sit, you can simply wipe it off with a washcloth or paper towels.

There may also be products that require you to dissolve it in water and fill up your tub. These are usually for tough stains that need a considerable amount of soaking to start lifting. You may have to lightly scrub your tub after soaking to get all the stain off, but the products with great efficacy usually just need to be rinsed or wiped.

Additionally, products meant to deep clean jets (as you will find on our list) are meant to be applied to the jets. Once you start the jets, the cleaner starts working and provides the intense, deep cleaning you have been looking for.

Each type of product works for different types of stains and issues. You can always choose the product, which seems the most convenient to you. However, the most important part of the process is to ensure that your cleaner of choice is meant to be used in acrylic tubs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered below are some of the most frequently asked questions about tub cleaners.

1. What should be done if someone accidentally ingests tub cleaner?

The first step should be to ensure the person gets medical attention as soon as possible. Additionally, help them clean their mouth with plain water and also drink lots of water to help flush the toxins out as fast as possible.

2. Can tub cleaners be harmful to the skin?

Cleaning agents can definitely be harmful to the skin. No matter how amazing the ingredients are, direct exposure to these products can lead to dry, scaly hands as well as thin and weak nails in the long run. We highly recommend and suggest that you use rubber gloves to handle such items.

3. What type of bathtubs is the easiest to clean?

Porcelain-enameled steel bathtubs and acrylic bathtubs are by far the easiest to clean. These two types are also perhaps two of the most inexpensive bathtubs.

4. Can I use tub cleaners on granite countertops?

We would recommend not doing so. Granite countertops can sometimes be porous, and harsh cleaning agents do not do well with porous surfaces. Rather, use gentle soap and warm water for daily cleaning of granite tops.

5. How often should I clean my bathtub?

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We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom daily, even if it is a quick spray and swipe. This helps keep E. coli bacteria at bay and also allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a clean bathroom daily.

So that was our complete guide on tub cleaners. We hope we could answer all your questions and help you find the best cleaner. These products were all chosen, keeping the safety of your loved ones in mind – and we hope you will love these cleansers just as much as we do.


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