What time of year should you get new flooring? (2023)

What time of year is best to install new flooring?

The best time of the year to install floors is during the fall. The humidity levels and temperatures become moderate as the heat of summer leaves and the coolness of winter moves in.

What month is best to buy new flooring?

The best time to buy flooring and get the best prices is in the off-season, between December and January. This is when you are likely to find the best clearance sale prices.

What time of year are flooring sales?

Get the Best Deal of the Season

Most home renovations dip during the mid-December through February months. Many flooring companies and big box stores raise their prices during the busy season so they can lower their prices during this slower period.

What time of year is best to install vinyl flooring?

The fall months are the ideal time! Some new flooring materials such as laminates, hardwoods, and luxury vinyl tiles will need to acclimate a day or two inside the home before being laid. Our team will stack them out of the way so that you still have access to your home's living space.

What is the average cost to install new flooring?

Average cost range:

On average, flooring installation can cost between $1,000 and $10,000 for a 500 square foot room, or $2 to $20 per square foot. The national average flooring installation cost is $7 per square foot, or $3,500 for a 500 square foot room.

What is the most popular flooring in new homes?

Tile. Tile is the most obvious choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as it is naturally waterproof and fairly indestructible. Some tile trends include realistic stone or wood looks.

How do I get the best deal on flooring?

5 Ways to Get a Great Deal on Flooring
  1. The Best Time of Year to Buy Flooring. ...
  2. Buy In-Stock Inventory. ...
  3. Know Your Client's Objective. ...
  4. Ask for a Discount from an Independent Retailer. ...
  5. Get Wholesale Warehouse Prices with BuildDirect.

How often should I replace my flooring?

Flooring. You can expect your wood flooring to last about 100 years, or even more with proper upkeep. Vinyl flooring will last about 50 years, while you'll get about 10 years out of your carpet. When it comes to tile flooring, life expectancy depends on the type of tile, maintenance and amount of foot traffic.

Is it better to install hardwood floors in the winter or summer?

Moisture in Spring and Summer

Fall is a perfect season for hardwood flooring installation because the cool, crisp weather exposes your hardwood flooring to less moisture.

Do floors expand or contract in the winter?

What Seasonal Changes Affect Wood Flooring? Wood floors expand slightly during the hot, humid summer months and contract during cold winter months. Sometimes this contraction can cause visible space between individual floorboards. This is a completely normal event that should not raise alarm to homeowners.

Is it OK to install wood floor in the winter?

Hardwood floors can be installed in the winter, but doing so comes with some challenges. Humidity—the level of moisture present in the air—plays a key role in floor installation. If it's extremely humid when your wood floors are installed, it can cause the wood to swell.


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