Which of the following earth layers behaves as a plasticky solid that flows easily? (2023)

Which of the following Earth layers behaves as a plasticky solid that flows easily?

Asthenosphere. The asthenosphere (averaging 80-200 km) lies beneath the lithosphere. Unlike the rigid and brittle properties of Earth's crust, the asthenosphere behave soft and plasticky.

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Which of the Earth's layers behaves like plastic?

The Mantle: The mantle is the thickest layer of the Earth, making up about 82% of its volume. The mantle is composed primarily of heavy metals, such as iron, nickel, magnesium, and others. Scientists describe the state of the mantle as 'plastic.

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What layer of the Earth is called plastic solid?

The inner core is solid, the outer core is liquid, and the mantle is solid/plastic. This is due to the relative melting points of the different layers (nickel–iron core, silicate crust and mantle) and the increase in temperature and pressure as depth increases.

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Which of the following layers of Earth behaves like a flowing solid?

Asthenosphere (weak sphere)

The asthenosphere, although solid, is very hot and is thought to be able to flow vertically and horizontally, enabling sections of lithosphere to undergo movements associated with plate tectonics.

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Is mantle a plastic?

It is mostly solid rock, but less viscous at tectonic plate boundaries and mantle plumes. Mantle rocks there are soft and able to move plastically (over the course of millions of years) at great depth and pressure. The transfer of heat and material in the mantle helps determine the landscape of Earth.

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Why is the mantle plastic?

Temperature increases with depth in the earth and eventually the rock material of the mantle becomes partially molten. This partially molten layer is called the asthenosphere. Because it is partly molten (perhaps up to 10%) it becomes pliable or "plastic".

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Is the asthenosphere a plastic layer?

Below the lithosphere within the upper portion of the mantle is a plastic layer of rock called the asthenosphere. According to the theory of plate tectonics, the plates are driven by convection cells located within the plastic asthenosphere.

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What layer is made of plastic rock?

The Upper Mantle, also known as the asthenosphere, bends like plastic. The layer can bend as this layer is made up of soft rocks. The rocks bend due to the high temperatures from the core that partially heats the asthenosphere and make it soft.

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Is the mesosphere solid or liquid or plastic?

Next is the mesosphere. Comprising the inner part of the mantle, the mesosphere is a region of very hot solid rock. Here, although hotter than the asthenosphere, the pressure is too high for liquid rock to form.

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Which 3 layers of the Earth are solid?

The solid, outer layer is called the crust. Below the crust lies a layer of very hot, almost solid rock called the mantle. Beneath the mantle lies the core. The outer core is a liquid mix of iron and nickel, but the inner core is solid metal.

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Is asthenosphere solid or liquid?

Asthenosphere –The asthenosphere is made of very viscous, ductile, semi-solid material on which the lithosphere moves. It is a solid that can behave like a liquid, and it is about 440km thick. 3. Mesosphere –The mesosphere is another rigid layer in the earth and it is roughly 2,200km in thickness.

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Which layer of the Earth is solid but behaves as a liquid?

Earth's Outer Core

Geologists have confirmed that the outer core is liquid due to seismic surveys of Earth's interior. The outer core is 2,300 km thick and goes down to approximately 3,400 km into the earth.

Which of the following earth layers behaves as a plasticky solid that flows easily? (2023)
Which layer of Earth behaves plastically and flows due to convection?

The asthenosphere is partially molten upper mantle material that behaves plastically and can flow. This animation by Earthquide shows the layers by composition and by mechanical properties. Earth's outer surface is its crust; a cold, thin, brittle outer shell made of rock.

Which of these is the plastic like layer of the mantle?

Below the lithosphere within the upper portion of the mantle is a plastic layer of rock called the asthenosphere.

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